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WebBall: Coaching and Playing Tips
  Here is a great website for learning more about...
Managers Access
  Managers,   Once your accounts established and...
Password Help
  What is the Difference Between a Manager and...
WebBall: Coaching and Playing Tips

Here is a great website for learning more about coaching and playing.  Click here.

Managers Access


Once your accounts established and you provide the password of choice, you will be able to enter game results and player statistics.  Please do!  In order to make the statistics meaningful, the more complete they are, the better.  Also, don't forget that it is helpful to other teams to be able to view your player stats, especially for pitching. 

To enter game results, click on "Results" and enter the scores and, if you like, a write-up about the game.  Once you have saved the results, you will see a Sigma character (Greek letter "E").  Click on that to enter the stats.  You'll see 3 tabs (Hitting, Fielding and Pitching) and you'll see all your players listed.  There is a field next to each player to enter their position(s) for that game; this is optional, but it's a good way to track who played what position when.  Then enter numeric data to indicate their individual stats in each column.  If you are unsure what the column is for, glide your mouse over the column heading and you should get a balloon help message telling you what the column is for. 

Note that you can enter the scores for both teams in a game, but you can only enter the stats for your own team.

Have fun!

Password Help

What is the Difference Between a Manager and a Team Password?


Manager passwords allow you to edit scores and game stats. Team passwords are basically only good for viewing the contact information for your roster. A Manager password has more privilege than a Team password, so if you’re logged in with a Manager password, you shouldn’t need to use the Team one. Manager passwords were sent to all Managers and Coaches. Team passwords were sent to all parents and players. If you are a manager/parent, you probably received both types of password, but you really only need the Manager one.


How Do I Log In?


Go to the Admin tab and type your full name and your Manager password. Once you have logged in as a Manager, you will be able to do certain things on the website that you couldn’t before, mostly on your Team page. You’ll also have access to some features on the Admin page. 


The only place where the system currently prompts you for the Team password (in case any parents ask) is at the bottom of the team roster. Entering the team password causes all the team contact information to show up. Otherwise it’s hidden.


How Do I Enter Scores and Stats?


Once you have logged in as Manager, there are two places you can enter game results: Results on the Admin page or Results on your Team page. The difference is that the Admin page lets you enter scores for multiple games at the same time, but it only allows you to enter the scores – nothing else. Also, once the scores have been submitted, you cannot edit them from this page. On your Team page, you’ll have to edit each game separately, but in addition to scores, you’ll be able to enter comments (aka “write-ups”) and you can edit any games from here, in case the wrong score was entered previously, for example, or in case you want to add something to the comments.


On the Admin page, you’ll see all your games and, for those that have no scores, you’ll see empty boxes where you can enter them.


On the Team page, you’ll see a row for each game with some or all of these icons:


Edit  - little notepad with a pencil; click to edit the game.


Stats – Greek sigma E; click to enter player stats for this game.


Delete – red X; Never use this!  If you do, someone will need to manually re-enter the game.  (Unfortunately we can’t take this away, so please just be careful, especially when you are entering stats. The Stats icon is right next to this dangerous red X.)


How Do I Enter Stats?


Click on the Stats icon and you’ll see your list of players with 3 tabs across: Hitting, Fielding and Pitching. You can enter all 3 types of stats. Entering any stats for a player will automatically check off the ‘attendance’ box, so if any stats are calculated based on games played, the player will be counted. 


What is a Team Bulletin?


A notification you want your team to see can be entered as a “team bulletin”. On the Admin page, click on Messages, then choose Team Bulletin. You can either enter your message directly or cut-and-paste from a text editor (e.g., Word). Always include a short title.  Once you click “Submit”, the bulletin will automatically appear on your Team page until the date you have it set to expire. In addition to posting on your Team page, you can optionally send the message as an email to your entire team by clicking on the “Email Broadcast” box.