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Banquet Registrations
  2014 Babe Ruth Awards Banquet  Open to all team...
Babe Ruth Try Outs/Xtreme teams and general information
In order to clear up any confusion as Arlington Babe Ruth approaches...
Babe Ruth Life Cycle
Babe Ruth Life Cycle For the players, coaches, and managers, it...
Banquet Registrations


2014 Babe Ruth Awards Banquet 
Open to all team members and their family and friends

Wednesday, October 22nd.  6:30-9pm

Sons of Italy - 19 Prentiss Road
An adult 18+ must register in their name and indicate how many and which kind of tickets are needed.  The adult who registers does not need to attend.  Add a comment to say who will be attending.

Players, managers and coaches are free. 
All children 16 and under are $5.00. 
Everyone else $10 each.

Advance registration required.  Please register even if there is no charge for some or all of your tickets so that we can give a headcount to the caterer.  Thank you!

by posted 09/25/2014
Babe Ruth Try Outs/Xtreme teams and general information

In order to clear up any confusion as Arlington Babe Ruth approaches a very busy fall season, with multiple teams starting and try outs being held. Any questions please feel free to contact me at 339-927-3689 or

Fall Ball: The Fall Ball registration is currently underway and will end on September 1st. The Fall Ball program is a great way for new players to Babe Ruth to get an introduction to playing on the bigger diamond with weekend games against some of the surrounding towns. The Fall Ball program is an additional program offered by Arlington Babe Ruth. Fall Ball starts on September 6th

Xtreme/Selects: The Xtreme/Select program is Arlington Babe Ruth’s answer to AAU programs that some players/parents may be looking into. Last year was our first year and we did extremely well against several of those very expensive AAU programs. This year we are holding tryouts to determine which players will make an Xtreme team. In order to play on the Xtreme team, you MUST be registered in our base spring program. The Xtreme will play on weekends and we do our best not to conflict with the base program. Cost is TBD – expected to be 500.00

Spring Baseball: The registration for our spring program starts on September 1 and while we keep it open for a while, we can shut the registration down without further notification once we have the number of players needed in this base program.  The spring base program is generally local baseball with out of town games, based on the participation of the surrounding towns.

 Fall Tryouts: The fall tryouts are for the SPRING program and the date is September 20th. ALL new players are required to attend the tryouts. While players will not be placed on teams until next spring, the Babe Ruth managers/coaches start their evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the players and how they would best fit their team.  Your tryout times will be posted and emailed to you prior to the 20th. Arlington Babe Ruth will hold their second tryout in the spring and after that, players will be drafted to their teams and contacted by their new team representative. All registered players will play on one of the Arlington Babe Ruth teams in one of the two divisions.

 Clinics: While the snow will soon be covering the fields, Arlington Babe Ruth will be inside running a series of clinics for any player who is registered and paid in the base spring program. The Xtreme teams will also be having indoors workouts in the winter. More information on clinics will follow at a later date, as we are still evaluating dates.

by posted 08/25/2014




Starting in 2010, each Senior League team will be affiliated, or paired with, an
Intermediate League team. After draft day, all players will
receive a phone call from an affiliation representative (Senior or Intermediate League manager/coach) notifying the player of the affiliation that they were drafted to (for example, the Giants/Braves).  This pool of players will practice together as one unified team until rosters are finalized, at which point thirteen
players will be assigned to the Senior League team, and all others to the
Intermediate League team. Consider this the equivalent of Red Sox spring
training - everyone reports to camp, but before the start of the season,
players must be assigned to either Boston or Pawtucket.

During the season, due to injuries or absences, one of the two teams may
need an additional player in order to fill their roster. In this case, a
player normally on one roster will be asked to play for the other roster
for one or more games. In previous years, players were "locked into"
their respective teams at the start of the season, and only under extreme

Q. Why is the league doing this?

A. The original impetus for affiliation came from the looking at the number
of total players in the league, and attempting to preemptively solve the
problem of player shortages. The Rays, an Intermediate League team, was disbanded that year due to the player shortage, and this suggestion was
made to provide more stability to the league. As the idea was discussed,
the league found that there were additional benefits in the plan, namely
the opportunity for increased playing time and the chance for some players
to compete at a higher level. It also gives senior level players the opportunity to play some games in the intermediate level - a great chance for some additional practice.

Q. So... what team am I going to be on?

A. If you are new to the program, as noted above, you will be drafted to one of the affiliations. After additional evaluation from the managers/coaches, you will play at the level that is determined best for you at this time

If you were on a Senior League team last year, you will remain on that

If you were on an Intermediate League team last year and did not try out for Seniors,  you will remain on your Intermediate team.

If you were on an Intermediate League team last year and tried out for Seniors , you MAY be drafted by ANY Senior League team. If you are NOT drafted by a senior team, you will return to your current intermediate team.

Q. I played in the Intermediates last year and I did not try out. Will I
be forced to play in the Senior League?

A. If you do not want to play at the Senior League level, bring this up
with the affiliation coaches during practice. All players are placed
based on their current skill and while we make every attempt to please
players, we must make sure that the players are at the correct skill

Q. How does this benefit me as a Senior League/Intermediate League player?

A. For both leagues, affiliation should prevent your team from forfeiting
games. Even losing a game you've played to completion is better than
winning a game by forfeit. Intermediate players who may be
apprehensive about playing at the Senior level, or who may have felt
they were a victim of numbers, affiliation should give them a chance to
play at a higher level on a part-time basis, which was previously
impossible due to the way the league was structured.


 Q. What are the team affiliations?

A. Teams were selected by blind draw and are:

A’s / Giants

Braves / Cubs

Red Sox / Indians

Marlins / White Sox

Phillies/ not assigned

Affiliations will be reviewed at the completion of each season and affiliations shuffled every 2-3 years (This will allow coaches to share varying methods and philosophies)


 Any questions should first be directed to your team manager. If you need additional information beyond what they have given you, please feel free to contact any board member.

by posted 01/30/2014
Babe Ruth Life Cycle
Babe Ruth Life Cycle
For the players, coaches, and managers, it generally starts at the Fall tryout.  Many players may get a taste of the “big diamond” from the "fallball " program and the managers start the assessment process for the following year. The winter months settle in and the manager notes are put aside. In March, spring is not that far away and Babe Ruth has another tryout, so kids can once again showcase their skills to the managers and coaches of the current 10 teams. The kids then nervously wait to see which team they will be on with a new season about to begin. As managers and coaches, we evaluate all the players to ensure that we are placing the players at the appropriate levels. Some move into the "A" level called the seniors, while others play in the "B" level called intermediates. The kids are drafted onto their teams and the season begins and before too long, the season is nearing an end. Another year passes and kids graduate and the rookies move up a notch to veteran status. The managers and coaches are all volunteers who all work to ensure that the over 150 players have a positive Babe Ruth experience.

If you have questions or would like to be part of our program, please contact:
Al Ticehurst  - 781-281-2154  - .

by posted 12/13/2007
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